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Contributions and Charges

Schools receive government funding to meet the student’s basic educational requirements. Additional resources are purchased from Voluntary Contributions. At Ballajura Primary School parents are expected to pay their Voluntary Contributions each year to help provide the enriched curriculum the school offers all students. Reminders are posted to student address twice a year.

The Ballajura Primary School Board endorses the schedule of Contributions and Charges and payment can be made at the front office, or via Campion Pty Ltd when purchasing your personal items for the new school year.

Kindergarten $60.00 per child

Pre-Primary $60.00 per child

Primary School (Years 1 – 6) $60.00 per child

For additional information please consult the School Contributions and Extra Cost Optional Charges Schedule.

(If you are experiencing financial hardship please make an appointment to meet with the Manager Corporate Services to set up a payment by instalment arrangement).

Contributions and Charges Payment

There are a variety of means of paying these amounts:

  • Personal Requirements List (with Campion Pty Ltd) – Prior to the commencement of school all students are required to purchase the items listed on their personal items list. As part of the process you have the option to include payment for the school voluntary contribution of $60 per child. Campion Education collects these contributions on our behalf.
  • EFTPOS at the administration.
  • QKR – Download the app from

Damaged or Lost Resources

A replacement charge for damaged or lost resources (eg: library books, reading books, dictionaries) will be applied where applicable. An invoice will be generated and sent home. Payment can be made to the administration via QKR and EFTPOS.