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Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Ballajura Primary School is committed to teaching and learning excellence. The school believes this can only be achieved by developing meaningful partnerships to ensure our future direction is reflective of the changing needs of the local and global community. We are a learning community that practises inclusivity, innovation, collaboration and flexibility, while inspiring and nurturing lifelong learning for students and teachers. We strive for excellence by ensuring that our practices are based on current and informed research We hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes we achieve. Using reliable data, we rigorously reflect and assess our processes and achievements. We celebrate our successes and make informed and confident determinations about our future direction. The school has developed an explicit curriculum for each year level.

Ballajura Primary School practises two mantras: ‘Every Child Matters Every Day’ and ‘All Children Can Be High Achievers’.

These mantras are the drivers for the school’s improvement process.

The school’s vision for teaching and learning is supported by ‘Four Pillars’. These ‘pillars’ guide all of the school’s actions and include:

  1. Teacher directed learning
  2. Explicit instruction
  3. Moving children’s knowledge from short term to long term memory
  4. Positive teacher student relationships

In addition, Ballajura Primary School has established Six Givens. These are:

  1. Strong relationships
  2. High expectations
  3. Presentation/Handwriting
  4. Correction
  5. Display
  6. Setting tone

Student engagement at Ballajura Primary School is facilitated by the Three Imperatives:

  • Students trust and respect teachers
  • Work at their level
  • Friends at school


The staff work towards developing and establishing school cultures that have an emphasis on:

  • Clear teacher and student commitment to expectations of high academic performance
  • Emphasis on student uniform
  • A focus on grounds and facilities
  • Staff dress and professionalism
  • Relationships and respect
  • Working as a team