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Principal’s Address

At Ballajura Primary School, it is our passion to ensure that every child has an outstanding education resulting in a high literacy and numeracy competency. Our two mantras, all students can be high achievers and every student matters every day, signify our determination for all students to be successful. As a school that prides itself on meeting the needs of every child, we aim to achieve the twin goals of excellence and equity. We provide opportunities that extend and challenge every child to achieve the highest possible standards and their personal best.

The critical importance of the early years of a child’s life to their future educational success is well known. At Ballajura Primary School, we want every child to have the best start to school, and to master the foundation literacy and numeracy skills, as well as the personal and social capabilities, required for later years of schooling.

At Ballajura Primary we are innovators in public school education. Our dedicated staff strive for high standards in teaching and learning and enthusiastically share good teaching practices, ideas and resources. We seek out professional learning that will maintain excellence and a high degree of expertise in our teaching areas. Our committed staff form a collaborative, proactive team and bring a range of skills that benefit all students. This dedication, and a focus on workforce diversity, has helped improve the opportunities for our staff and students.

In pursuit of excellence and equity for each student, Ballajura Primary School continues to build on its explicit teaching philosophies and autonomy gained through Independent Public School status so teachers can personalise their approaches to teaching and learning. This has resulted in a range of successes including some of the most significant improvements in student performance. Ballajura Primary School has been successful in attaining up to 3 standard deviations above expected performance in criteria tested in Years 3 and 5, and performing well above the Australian mean, under the Australian National Assessment Program (NAPLAN) 2012 – 2019. As always, our students continue to be our best ambassadors. The opportunities offered to students at Ballajura Primary School continue to grow. A focus on expectations has seen students year-in-year-out improve in every measured criterion. The school is increasingly closing in on its goal to demonstrate excellence in every facet of its operations.

As students progress through school, it is important to ensure they develop essential skills, knowledge and understandings in a range of disciplines. We want parents, families and communities to support their children’s learning at home and in school, and to value education as a powerful driver for future success and fulfilment.

When they graduate from school, we want our students to be confident about taking their places in the world, and to be active citizens who contribute to society in many different ways.

David Wanstall


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